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Sightseeing in Reus

Reus is one of the most fascinating places to visit near Alannia Els Prats. It is a magnificent city, beautiful, historic and full of things to see. Would you like to visit it with us? Come on! Let’s go then!

Reus occupies an area of 53 km2, and is home to renowned architectural and cultural works. Its Modernista-style streets have a unique, inspiring ambience, and you can wander for hours along its narrow streets, admiring their accomplished architecture.

Reus and Modernism

Of all the famous people who have been born and lived in the streets of Reus (including the presenter and humourist Buenafuente), the outstanding figure is that of Antoni Gaudí, the chief exponent of Catalan Modernism. His Modernista style is much in evidence in the city in countless buildings designed by the great Lluís Doménech, one of Modernism’s leading lights in Catalan architecture. In fact, there is even a Modernista trail that takes you around the most iconic buildings.
The city’s outstanding buildings are:
The Institut Pare Mata and Casa Navas

The Institut Pare mata and Casa Navas

The Institut Pare Mata is a lovely building which marked the beginning of Catalan Modernism, and which was once the city’s psychiatric hospital. One of its pavilions, the “Pabellón de los Distinguidos” [Pavilion of Distinguished Figures], has been an Asset of National Interest since 2013.

Casa Navas is one of the finest examples of Modernism in the whole of Europe, and an architectural marvel.
One of the outstanding features of Casa Navas is its splendid interior décor. Its ceramics, mosaics, and stone work lend it a unique beauty.

We also recommend that you wander through the streets, discovering special buildings and corners, or that you visit the Gaudí museum, which is dedicated to the artist.

Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity — take advantage of your stay at Alannia Els Prats to explore the magnificent city of Reus.


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