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The planet deserves these vacations


At Alannia Resorts we have a dream, to contribute to global sustainability, we want to make vacations a great environmental experience for families and a small contribution to the well-being of the planet.

At Alannia Resorts we have a dream, to contribute to global sustainability.

Our commitment to the planet



    We will say bye bye to single-use plastic..


    We will use renewable energy sources and consume it more efficiently.


    All our stores will be illuminated with LEDs.


    We are the recycling team! that's why we will have more and more points to separate waste in our establishments.


    We want all of you to join our recycling wave. We will try to learn together new ways to improve the planet.


    The environment is part of our irresistible charm, so we will eliminate all products that are harmful to any living being..


    There is nothing better than local, especially in our kitchens. At Alannia Resorts we are committed to consuming local products.

The first steps

Achieving it will be an extraordinary challenge, but all big changes are preceded by small actions.

Adiós al plástico de un solo uso · Alannia Sostenibilidad

Goodbye single-use plastic

  1. We have eliminated plastic cups from our resorts. Instead, we use biocompostable PLA. or cardboard cups.
  2. We've replaced plastic straws with cardboard straws. Drinking a pina colada while taking care of the planet, a textbook win-win.
  3. Our delivery system is 100% free-plastic, both the containers we use for food and the delivery bags are biodegradable.
  4. Plastic guest wristbands have been replaced by cloth wristbands.
Compartimos energía positiva · Alannia Sostenibilidad

We share positive energy

  1. The electricity we use at Alannia Costa Blanca and Alannia Guardamar comes solely and exclusively from renewable sources.
  2. At Alannia Costa Blanca we have a network of rainwater reuse for irrigation.
Vamos a reducir y reciclar · Alannia Sostenibilidad

We are going to reduce and recycle

  1. We remain committed to recycling. In the last year alone we have multiplied the number of recycling points in our establishments.
  2. In our establishments we carry out interactive animation activities, where we teach the kids to take care of the environment.
Eliminar el pago en efectivo · Alannia Sostenibilidad

Experiencia Alannia, ¡ahora sin cartera!

  1. Hemos eliminado el pago en efectivo en la mayoría de puntos de los establecimientos.
  2. Unicamente se podrá pagar en efectivo en recepción y en el supermercado
  3. En el resto de puntos (restaurante, gimnasio, spa...) podrá pagar únicamente con tarjeta o con la pulsera Alannia.

All these actions are part of a broader and more complete project.

A plan of action that we will be unraveling in the coming months.

Horizon 2030

Horizon 2030 - Alannia Sustainability

We're listening!

Would you like to contribute to our sustainability project? Leave us your suggestions, we will be happy to study them.

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