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Alannia Els Prats News

Alannia Els Prats has surprising news! This year you will find activities for all ages as interesting as FIFA tournaments or drone flights. In addition, if you stay with your pet, in our pet friendly cabins we welcome you with a welcome pack for them. And that's not all! We have expanded the Windcat shaded area and we have a new charging point for electric vehicles. What are you waiting to book?

Novedades Alannia Els Prats

Expansion of WindCat shaded area

Enjoy the best sea views, good food and good weather in a place sheltered from the sun, is possible thanks to the extension of the WindCat's shaded area, you'll love it!

Novedades Alannia Els Prats

Innovative animation activities

You won't stop having fun! In Alannia Els Prats there are new incredible activities for children and adults such as drone workshop, pool party with aquatic inflatables, FIFA championships, themed scape room and Geocatching and Photo Tag. Music and dances will not be missing in your vacations either.

Novedades Alannia Els Prats

Electric vehicle charging point

We continue to expand our commitment to sustainability and the welfare of the planet. A new charging point for electric vehicles is available for you to use during your stay at Alannia Els Prats.