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Before arriving at the resort

Alannia Guardamar

Check in online

Depending on the time of year you visit us, check-in can sometimes be a slightly lengthy process. Bearing that in mind, Alannia Resorts recommend that you check in before your actual day of arrival. If you do so, you’ll be able to speed up the process at reception by joining our priority queue.

How do I check in online? It's really easy! Click on the button below and fill out the details.

Alannia Club · Tu estancia en Alannia Resorts

Your Alannia experience No wallet needed!


Only cash payments can be made at reception and in the supermarket.
In the rest of the facilities (restaurant, spa, gym...) you must pay only by card or Alannia bracelet.

Alannia Club · Your stay in Alannia Resorts

Alannia Club

Still haven’t signed up to the world’s best club? Join us now and enjoy all the benefits! The key membership features include:

  • For each booking you make on our website or over the phone, you’ll accumulate points to your account that you can redeem for gifts or exclusive benefits.
  • You can use your points for amazing products and services. A day chilling on a Balinese bed, a tasty piña colada...

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Outdoor activities and places of interest · Your stay in Alannia Resorts

Outdoor activities and places of interest

If you are a family that loves to get out and explore and you like sightseeing and adventure, we bring you our blog where you can check out nearby sights and attractions during your stay at Alannia Resorts

App with information about our resort · Your stay in Alannia Resorts

App with information about our resort

Before coming on holiday with us, we recommend downloading our Alannia Resorts app, where you’ll be able to discover all the details you could ever wish for about our facilities, services, opening times, entertainment itineraries…. And whatever else you fancy!

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Transporte facil y comodo · Tu estancia en Alannia Resorts

Sustainable transport - easy and convenient!

If you want to get around the surroundings of Alannia Costa Blanca, the bicycle is your allied means of transport.

From the entrance of the resort, you can move around with your bike and discover the characteristic landscapes of our enclave or if you prefer to move further away, you can reach the nearest train station in less than 20 minutes by bike. The best plans are waiting for you!

Train station

Suitcase essentials

Depending on the season you decide to visit us, your suitcase essentials will differ a little. We recommend:

Suitcase essentials · Your stay in Alannia Resorts

Spring and summer

  • Swimming costumes (the more colourful, the better)
  • Pool towel
  • Diving goggles and flip flops
  • Summery clothes
  • A light jacket (in case it gets chilly at night)
  • Baseball cap or wicker hat (for the bravest dressers)
  • Suntan lotion/After sun lotion and sunglasses
Suitcase essentials · Your stay in Alannia Resorts

Autumn and winter

  • Essentials for using the SPA (swimming costume, towel, flip flops and shower cap)
  • Winter clothes
  • Winter jacket (for the evenings)

And most importantly: holiday vibes to make sure you have a great trip!

Discover “The Adventure
on the Pirate Children’s Island”

Ready to be part of the Alannia Tales? Alannia Guardamar transforms into the Pirate Children’s Island, an island ruled by children where a ship has docked to try to steal the island's hidden treasure. Alan and his sister Annia must fight to protect it.

All of our resorts feature unique stories and activities. Experience them for yourselves on all of your holidays with us!

Discover the Alannia Tales

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