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At Alannia Resorts, our gyms mean you can stay fit the easy way!

Become the best version of yourself by keeping up with your favourite holiday or daily workouts, all year round! At Alannia Costa Blanca, Alannia Guardamar and Alannia Salou you’ll have the chance to enhance your physical condition, self-confidence and enjoy a healthier lifestyle thanks to the different specialised gym zones featuring machines, professional trainers to guide you through your routines and taught classes to help you achieve all your goals. Discover it all now!


The best way to do exercise in a stress-free way

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Comprehensive facilities

Our Gym & Spa Garden features a cosy, well-lit gym with everything you need to keep up with your favourite exercise routines. It includes a free weight area, exercise bikes, treadmills and a cardio area.

Alannia Sports


Keep up with your exercise routines during your stay with us at Alannia Salou. A welcoming and fully equipped fitness area that you’ll be sure to love. Log into the App and don't miss out on any of the facilities on offer at your new gym.