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Welcome to Mediterranean paradise on the Costa Daurada! If you're looking for a place to experience long stays, vacations, or unforgettable getaways on the coast, look no further. Alannia Els Prats and Alannia Costa Dorada, in the province of Tarragona (Catalonia), are your ideal destinations with direct access to the beach.

What could be better than waking up every day by the sea? At Alannia Els Prats and Alannia Costa Dorada, you have the opportunity for your second home to be in a unique environment, no matter the season, with direct access to Playa del Rifà and Playa de l'Almadrava. 

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Discover the best accommodation opportunity at Alannia Resorts next to the sea and surrounded by greenery! Take advantage of the comfort of our studios in Alannia Els Prats at the best price. You will be able to access a wide variety of facilities and services.

Alannia Els Prats: From €23/night (2 people). Light and Water Included

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    Your seasonal resort

    Thanks to the privileged location of Alannia Els Prats and Alannia Costa Dorada, you can fully enjoy an unparalleled climate in an environment full of possibilities. If you want to relax and disconnect while having a great time, escape the monotony and come to Alannia Els Prats and Alannia Costa Dorada in spring and autumn. You'll experience a stay where nature, fully equipped accommodations with beach access, various facilities and services, along with a wide range of activities you can join, await you. Make your home in this warm Mediterranean paradise!

    Sol todo el año · Experiencias Alannia Resort

    Beachfront Resort

    Imagine unforgettable holidays in two of the most spectacular destinations on the Costa Daurada, Catalonia, Spain. We offer you a unique experience in resorts designed for long stays and getaways in an incomparable environment where the beach is undoubtedly one of the protagonists. Whatever the season you're considering, beyond just summer, you have your place. Because spending spring or autumn here is synonymous with feeling at home. Discover the beach at Alannia Els Prats and Alannia Costa Dorada.

    Sol todo el año · Experiencias Alannia Resort

    Rest and Fun Under the Sun

    Although it's not the same to tell it as it is to experience it, we want to convey a piece of the best feelings in the world that you can personally experience with us: mild temperatures throughout all seasons, over 4,400 hours of sunshine per year, beach walks, meals with incredible views, contact with the local culture, feeling like family, outdoor spaces, having the accommodation of your dreams, pools, restaurants, shows, sports, and lots of fun and relaxation. Sounds good, doesn't it?

    Sol todo el año · Experiencias Alannia Resort

    A Wide Variety of Activities

    Discover a world of fun and entertainment! At Alannia Els Prats and Alannia Costa Dorada, you'll find not only a place for rest and relaxation but also a wide variety of activities that will make your stay unforgettable. Our entertainment team is ready with great offerings: classes, yoga, zumba, shows, games... Many possibilities to keep the fun going. Furthermore, the proximity to such a vast natural and cultural environment allows you to engage in additional activities such as hiking or bike rides. The choice is yours!

    Sol todo el año · Experiencias Alannia Resort

    Plots and Cabins to Suit Your Preferences

    Your ideal retreat awaits you. We believe in the importance of adapting to your needs and preferences. That's why we offer you the freedom to choose exactly how you want to enjoy your stay with us. Our plots and cabins are designed to meet all your expectations. If you prefer the comfort of a fully equipped cabin with all the amenities, we have it for you. Are you a nature lover and prefer to set up with your camper on a plot? We also have the perfect space for that.

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    At Alannia Resorts we take care of you so that you have the best experience in our establishments and we are always looking for new ways to make your trip to Spain easier.

    To help you plan your stay and get all your documents, residency and medical insurance in order, we col-laborate with different reliable companies that offer discounts and advice.

    At Alannia Resorts, your vacations are our only concern

    Welcome to Alannia Els Prats and Alannia Costa Dorada, the ideal destinations for your spring and autumn getaways by the sea! Our resorts offer you the perfect opportunity to enjoy extended stays in a paradise with pleasant temperatures.

    You have the chance to experience an unforgettable time. Alannia Els Prats and Alannia Costa Dorada are equipped with all the necessary facilities and services to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. You'll have pools, various dining options, nature, outdoor spaces, direct beach access, plenty of plans... we have everything you need for worry-free vacations.

    Additionally, we have a comprehensive entertainment program for all ages. From sports activities to live shows, there's always something exciting to do during your stay. Our professional animation team will ensure you have a great time.

    If you want to enjoy a long stay in the sun and good weather, you can now achieve it by staying in our plots, cabins, or studios, for which you can take advantage of the best price. The accommodation you're looking for awaits you.