Marjal Costa Blanca Eco Camping Resort has been chosen best campsite in Spain by German tourists.

by Antonio Felipe

The resort has received this distinctive in the development of the International Tourism Fair in Essen. This award is considered one of the largest awards to those who can suck a tourist facility of its kind within the European framework.

The Deutsche Camping Club (DCC) is a federation of users camping in Germany, which consists of about 3.5 million families. This entity is responsible for annually selecting the best campsites in Europe at the discretion of its members. On this occasion, the camping Marjal Costa Blanca has been one of the winner’s accommodation, with four other centers of countries such as Holland, Germany, Denmark and Austria.

Among the most valued aspects, which have earned the recognition of Marjal Costa Blanca, are the diversity and quality of its facilities and services offered. German users have especially appreciated aspects such as restaurant area, tropical pools, fitness centre and spa, entertainment programs aimed at audiences of all ages and comfort offered by the different types of accommodation including the resort.

The manager of the area of Marjal Tourism Group, Sergio Gómez, pointed out that “it is a pride for me and for all those who are part of this site, that Marjal has been recognized as the best in Spain by the DCC”. In relation to this recognition, the manager also added that “even more so fills us with pride to know that granted the users that have viewed our establishment as the best in our country.”

The Deutsche Camping Club is one of the clubs users most important and influential camping in Europe, because it has the largest number of partners. About the award, Mr. Gómez specified that “comes to endorse the strong commitment we have made in our business group by enhancing innovation and quality in our tourism offer since we launched this resort”.

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