Caravan maintenance tips for the travelling retiree

by Antonio Felipe

1.Check the tyres

Your caravan relies on your tyres – after all, it supports the entire weight of the vehicle. You’d check the tread and air pressure on your car tyres, so make sure you do the same with your caravan. Without a proper set of wheels, maneuvering the caravan would be difficult, which increases the risk of making an accident. Check for signs of damage (like cracks or bulging), and determine their usability. If you think the tyres are out of shape or worn, replace them before you go on a trip. It’s recommended that you replace them every five years.


2. Inspect your awnings and curtains

Caravan awnings and curtains provide homely comfort and is a huge convenience when you’re on the long road. If you’ve taken it off for the winter, make sure that your caravan awning is still functioning and the extending/contracting motion is still smooth. Check the awning fabric and curtains for signs of damage or dirt, and clean/repair accordingly.


3. Protect the roof and keep it polished

If your caravan is sitting in storage, make sure the roof is covered. If exposed, falling debris could cause damage and dirt that’s been collecting could be expensive to clean or potentially damage the surface of the caravan as well. Protect the outside of your caravan from the elements by using a specialist caravan cleaner and wax polish.


4. Check gas and electric systems

Check your electric systems by hooking up and testing all lights in turn from the interior lights to the all-important exterior lights (brake lights and indicators). All broken or dim bulbs should be replaced immediately. Connect your gas supply and turn on all appliances – this will include the oven, hob, heating, and fridge. Remember that the flame on gas appliances should be blue.


5. Check the windows and doors

Do your windows and doors close and lock securely? Make sure that latches and locks are in good working order before setting off on an adventure. Open and close all the windows and doors and check window seals for any signs of damage such as cracks or condensation. Cracked rubber seals will allow dirt and moisture to get inside. If it’s worn out, remove it completely and replace it with a new one.


6. Handbrake and battery

When it comes to caravan maintenance, it’s essential to check both the handbrake and battery, especially if it’s been in winter storage, If the handbrake feels like it could seize, or has signs of stiffness, apply a lubricant like WD40. It’s recommended to remove the caravan battery and charge it through the winter, but make sure to test it after charging to make sure it’s working efficiently.


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