Calling all Country Music Fans and Linedancers: come to Marjal campsite!

by Antonio Felipe

This fabulous Open Air festival has been entertaining Country Music Fans for nine years now, and continues to grow from strength to strength.

There is wonderful atmosphere with many people “dressed to impress” in full “Western Wear”. Fun “quick Draw Shoot Out” competition all adds to the theme event.

We have top Quality live music from artist here in Spain, with some travelling from the UK to join in the fun. Staffs, Bar, B.B.Q, dances, friends and lot of music.

Just 5 Euro per person for a wonderful day beginning 11 am with the opening parade whit “Los Pistoleros” artist appearing:

  • Red Strokes, 

The Grumpy Old Men, Cherry

  •  K, 

Kris Kelly, 

  • Star Sound Disco



If you want to stay that weekend, we have special prices in bungalows (60 € / 4pax and 49 € / 2pax one night and 100 € / 4pax to 80 € / 2pax both nights) and plots (20 € / night)

You can book at or 96 672 70 70. Come and join the fun at Costa Fiesta 9!

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