Ballroom Tea Dancing in Marjal

by Antonio Felipe

Again  between 16.00  and  18.00  houres.  The  floor  of  the Restaurant  of  Camping  Marjal  Guardamar  is again a nice place to be. With the most fantastic original  Ballroom  Dancing  music,  even  for listening or dancing. All our visitors likes it. While you can dance on this music, an English vals, a Tango or a Quick Step. You also can take a drink or just sitting and talking and enjoy yourself with listening to the music. Of course for the real fans,there  is  now  and  than  a  Jive  or  a  Rock  an  Roll evergreen. Everybody is very enthousiatic about the choice of the music. We are continuous busy for  searching new Ballroom  Dancing  music.  Do you wanted a good place next to the dance floor, be in time. We hope to see you again, with a lot of  new  people  who  are  loving  dancing  to.  Until Tuesday  afternoon  the  18  of  March  at  16.00 houres.


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