A guide to raising successful kids

by Antonio Felipe

1. Teach your kids social skills

Social skills play a vital role in a child’s emotional development and well-being. Studies have proven that there’s a significant correlation between kids’ social skills as kindergartners and their success as adults. It also showed that kids with interpersonal skills were far more likely to graduate from college and have “a full-time job by 25 than those with limited social skills.” Try to foster good social skills from a young age by teaching them to ask questions and listen to others.

 2. Let them help around the house

Making your kids do chores might teach them about responsibility and competence. It might seem easier and quicker to do it yourself, but letting them help with little things around the house can make such a huge difference to their character. Kids can do stuff like take out the garbage, pack away the dishes, and put away groceries. Plus, it reduces your workload and gives you more time to do fun family-oriented stuff.

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3. Encourage healthy relationships

Having a good relationship with your child is very important for their character development and wellbeing, and they’re also more likely to succeed in school. According to this study, kids who received “sensitive caregiving” in their first three years got better results in school, and also had healthier relationships and greater success decades later. This doesn’t mean that you can’t ever argue or disagree in front of your kids, but make sure you do so respectfully, and always try to resolve it. Encourage positive behaviour and teach your children respect while they’re young.


4. Get them excited about maths and reading

Bedtime stories have been a staple in children’s sleep routines since the beginning of time. Children’s writer Frank Cottrell Boyce says it’s the key to literacy. And when they’re old enough to read on their own, make sure you read with them, not just to them. Teaching them maths skills is just as crucial as teaching them to read. Greg Duncan, a researcher at Northwestern University, states that “Mastery of early math skills predicts not only future math achievement, it also predicts future reading achievement.” Parents can introduce mathematics at a young age by asking kids to count their toys and by pointing at numbers on signs.

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5. Take them on trips

Travelling with your kids can be beneficial to their development in so many ways. Firstly, it sends the psychological message that you value them and want to spend time with them. If you’re travelling to another country, it will teach your children how to learn to get along with people of different cultures, and give them a first-hand learning experience on topics like history, geography, and nature. According to a neuroscientist at Washington State University, travelling can advance brain development in children and builds concentration skills.

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